As winter starts to settle in, now is the perfect time to think about a nice sunny vacation. What is your dream vacation? Is it a long cruise and island hopping, do you love camping in a remote spot in the woods accompanied by family or friends? Or perhaps you just want to laze around in a comfortable hotel making some trips to the beach where you can sunbath and read the very latest books on the bestsellers list.

At All Slots Canada, we realize that not everyone is the same and everyone has their own preferences and hobbies. With this is mind we designed the brand new promotion for the month of November, The Quest chest of prizes at All Slots. It sounds intriguing because it is!

Basically all month long you will have the chance to collect promotion points and enjoy challenges, boosters and surprises on the way to your own personal bonus prize.


The Quest chest of prizes at All Slots is as exciting and intriguing as it sounds. If you want to start on your own personal quest just make your way to the All Slots promotion page, click on the quest link and enter your username in the space provided. Once you have entered your username simply click on the ‘To The Quest’ tab and you are ready to begin.

The Quest is a wonderful promotion as it suits every kind of player. Whether you are a daily player who enjoys spending a half hour on the slots machines, or even if you only log in once or twice a week to play a few hours worth of poker, you will be able to take part in this promotion.

The promotion runs the whole month of November but is split into four different promotion periods. Each of these periods stand alone and the points that you collect during each period are for that time frame only. Once that time period is up your points will be fortified.

During each of the four periods you can join the promotion, deposit money and play as you usually would at the casino. All The while you will be accumulating loyalty points. These loyalty points are then exchanged for promotion points and will help you reach your weekly goal. Every promotion period you will be given up to two goals that you will need to make in order to be eligible for the huge $100K jackpot.

Whilst you are making your way towards your jackpot, All Slots casino will pamper you with surprises and bonuses to boost your spirits.

The Quest set of prizes at All Slots is your chance to win a prize that is perfectly suited to you!


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