River Belle Casino Canada

One of the latest additions to the great Canadian online casinos is the River Belle Casino Canada. The whole casino carries the theme of those romantic riverboat casinos which are filled with the real money slots Canada gamers are so enamoured with. But you don’t have to take a boat to play these real money mobile games. That’s because the whole River Belle Casino Canada

can be accessed from your phone or other mobile device. And with the huge welcome bonus promotions which will give you up pt two hundred dollars to play with, that’s another incentive to make the River Belle Casino Canada your online casino home.

Slots at the River Belle Casino Canada

At the heart of the River Belle Casino Canada are the real money slots Canada games. From all over Canada, people log on to play these slots. Currently, there are over 170 different slots -- everything from fruit machines to ultra modern games with special features and huge jackpots. But more are added every single month. So always check back to see what is new at the River Belle Casino Canada


Another one of the more popular real money mobile games you can play at the River Belle Casino Canada is online blackjack. While the rules are similar to a blackjack game you would play at a land-based (or even water-based) casino, you have the ultimate convenience of play a few rounds anywhere and any tine you want. As long as you have your cell phone around, you can deal yourself in to a game of online blackjack=k where there is no wait8ing and the dealer is always ready for your play. Hit twenty-one and you can make a nice pot of real money.

Video Poker

Yet another popular game at the River Belle Casino Canada is video poker. There are actually several different versions of video poker that you can play as real money mobile games. You can play Texas Hold’em, Stud Poker, or Draw Poker. Whichever game you like a seat at the River Belle Casino Canada is always open and as soon as you make your ante bet, the game is on.

Online Roulette

Is you want to play the classic casino game of roulette, then you will find it at the River Belle Casino Canada. Amazing graphics make the roulette table and wheel come alive. Superb animation keeps the excitement alive as you follow the ball roll around then edges of the game to see if it will drop into a numbered slot that corresponds to a square that you have covered with a bet. Remember, in roulette you can cover as many or as few squares as you want. The fewer squares you cover, the less your chances of winning, but the more that you will win when your bet comes in.

Other Games

The River Belle Casino Canada also hosts craps, keno, baccarat, and a number of instant win games for when you are short on time. And with more games added all the time, you can always find something fun and rewarding to play. The River Belle Casino Canada also gives you a wide selection of casino banking options so that you don’t have to worry about the security of your money or your personal financial data while you are playing the games. River Belle Casino Canada uses the latest security features and encryption methods to make your gaming experience as fun and worry free as possible. The River Belle Casino Canada may not be as well knows an some of the other big online casinos, but it is gaining thanks to the great games, welcome bonus, and fine styling of the website. Not to mention that excellent customer service that is available whenever you need it. For real money slots in Canada, give the River Belle Casino Canada a try.