Play Reel  o' Fortune at All Slots Mobile

The month of March is the month of St. Patrick's, and that could only mean one thing - a full month of celebration at All Slots Mobile. The All Slots promotion for Canadians starts with a game where everyone wins, the Reel o' Fortune. You get to spin the big wheel just for joining in the promotion, and since every slot on the wheel has a prize, you are sure to win something.

The prizes include free spins for a popular slots game, up to $100 in cash bonuses, or as many as 20 tickets to for the biggest prize of all, a drawing for a whopping 1,000,000 loyalty points, which has a face value of $10,000 but brings much more reward than the cash equivalent. In all, $80,000 in prizes are up for grabs. And you get a number of chances to spin that wheel. So the more times you come the more chances you have to win prizes, and the better your chances are of winning the big drawing. Besides, mobile gaming promotions are the most fun because you can take advantage of them whenever you are and wherever you go.

Win Prizes and Loyalty Points

The Reel o' Fortune at All Slots Mobile offers a taste of the things you want most when you come to the mobile casino - free spins, cash, or a chance to win a lot of loyalty points. The points have greater value than they seem because they lead to better deals from the casino, and ultimately a chance to gain VIP status, which leads to receiving the best treatment possible, including deals unavailable to regular players and personalization in everything. That's why the casino is giving away a million of them as the big prize. To get more tickets for the drawing, all you have to do is play the games.

Every $10 you deposit into your account gets you another ticket. And you can alsokeep spinning the wheel, with the possibility of winning more. This Canada mobile promotion is divided into eight distinct time periods, each lasting either three or four days, and you get one spin of the wheel during each time period. But you can't make up for lost time if you miss a period, so make sure to come every three days to spin the wheel, win a prize, and if you're lucky, add to the number of tickets you have for the big drawing on the last day of the month.

Monthly Promotions at All Slots Mobile

All Slots and All Slots Mobile are known for offering the best promotions that you can use right away, and the March promotion is no exception. Besides setting up the game sothat you can collect a prize simply for making a visit multiple times throughout the month, the casino is also giving away loyalty points, which are hard to come by the traditional way. Imagine how long it would take you to accumulate a million points! That's why the drawing should be so popular with the All Slots regulars and even the part time players.

So it makes sense to maximize your chances as much as possible. The more tickets you have, the better your chance of winning. Don't miss any chance to get free tickets, especially since the consolation prizes are free spins or cash bonuses. The only way to lose with the Reel o' Fortune is not to play. So visit All Slots Mobile right at the start of the month, and come back often. With the mobile casino, the power is in the palm of your hand.