Pirate's Loot

Ahoy Matey! Batten down the hatches. All hands on deck if you want to win the Pirate's Loot. Claim your share of the booty from the coffers of Pirate's Loot - $100K at All Slots.  Just log onto All Slots and join the crew with pleasure and delight.

Pirates come from all over the world. And whenever you hear of pirates, thoughts of cruelty, thievery, drunkenness and treasure fill the mind. Ever since people started travelling on the water, piracy was a factor in the life of the sea-goers. The first pirates were the Phoenicians and Greeks in the Mediterranean. Accounts go back to 700B.C. stating how the pirates raided and looted villages along the coasts.

There have been stages in time when pirates were very active and other times they seemed to be non-existent. Approximately two thousand years ago a Roman navy waged war against the pirates and made a very substantial reduction in the pirates’ stronghold. There was a relative calm after the Roman victory.

Vikings were probably the most numerous pirates. They pillaged from Europe to the Mediterranean to North Africa and to the shores of the United States. Many territories and kingdoms were brought down by savage pirates. Treasures from the New World were brutally confiscated by the pirates who caused huge financial strains to rulers of different lands that anxiously waited for their valuable merchandise. And today the pirates are back in the form of Pirates’ Loot. Join in the excitement of Pirate’s Loot at All Slots Casino promotion.  and win your portion of the treasure.

Bust me Barnacles

Participate in one of the best Canadian online contests  ever at All Slots. Starting August 2nd  and continuing throughout the month, you can increase your gambling earnings by playing any of your favourite online casino games. It makes no difference if playing fast-paced card games, minimal lotteries, and video slots with high action or conventional table games. The August promotion is guaranteed to bring in extra payouts for all games. Pirate’s Loot is the feature of the month for August. As gamers from around the world Spin the pirates’ compass to share the one hundred thousand dollar bonus, you too can be that lad or lassie who wins. There are also plentiful gifts that will be handed out.

Sail Ho!

Though we might be a Landlubber we need to keep an eye out for the Scallywags. As we board the clipper we batten down the hatches and climb the crow’s nest. We want to know if we will get any of the loot. We are on a voyage to find buried treasure chests filled with jewels, gold and silver. This pirate excursion won’t be easy. It was told to us by the captain that Redbeard and other pirates are also looking for the treasure and they are not far behind.

Sea dogs and swabs both will have hours upon hours of entertaining casino fun and excitement participating in the Pirate's Loot promotion. First of all sign in and join. The possibilities of earning big cash wins are high as Pirate’s Loot is an easy challenge and challenging bonus game. Right through the month of August, All Slots will be issuing one hundred thousand dollars.

Give the compass a twirl and see what you get.  For each promotion you obtain a free spin. 

Promotional periods include: 

  • 1st promotion from 2nd August including 8th August
  • 2nd promotion from 9th August including 15th August
  • 3rd promotion from 16th August including 22nd August
  • 4th promotion from 23rd August including 29th August
  • 5th promotion from 30th August including 5th September

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Blimey! Play Pirate’s Loot where everyone is a winner