Explanation of the OLG Regulated Casino

The OLG Regulated Casino is a casino that is run and monitored by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. The OLG as it is now known was sent up in 2000 to combat the increasing number of casinos infiltrating Canada from overseas that did not check on the age of the players and made promises to the players that were not fulfilled. The OLG Regulated casino offers a choice of Canadian regulated casinos that have been checked by the commission and are constantly monitored by the OLG.

The Umbrella Organization of the OLG Regulated Casino

The OLG is responsible for lotteries, charities, aboriginal casinos and slot machines that are present at race tracks. The interactive gaming offered by the OLG is under the umbrella title of PlayOLG.Ca and offers a wide choice of exciting games through the casinos and in the future also there will be OLG mobile gaming avenues to follow for the Canadian mobile gambling industry. Canadian mobile gaming is increasing every day in Canada and the OLG mobile gaming arm of the organization is working on different plans to promise players the best and most secure OLG play mobile options.

Online OLG Regulated Casino Choices

To date the games that are approved by the PlayOLG casino sites include slots, table games, single player’s poker and a selection of table games. Going forward players will also be able to enjoy bingo, sports betting, group poker games and other skilled games. The whole idea of the PlayOLG is to protect the online casino player from rogue casinos that do not stand behind their offers. The OLG mobile gaming site will also offer players a selection of the best Canadian mobile gaming where they are assured of security and fair gaming.

Fair Play at the OLG Regulated Casino

The OLG Regulated casino is not just about the online casino although as these are becoming more and more popular, the OLG online section of the Corporation is growing. Around the country keen casino players are able to enjoy top casino games knowing that the payout for each game is fair and that it is being monitored and looked after by a recognized body that has the interests of the player at heart only.

Support at the OLG Regulated Casino

In addition to monitoring all of the OLG online casinos and the land based casinos and games around Canada, the PlayOLG site and the OLG Regulated Casino offer help and support to every player. The OLG commission wants to be assured that the player has the right and responsible attitude to the games he has chosen to play and is not betting more than he can afford. Audits of all of the OLG Regulated Casino choices and the OLG mobile gaming and the OLG online casinos are carried out on a regular basis.

Promotions at the OLG Regulated Casino

The headquarters of the OLG online organization and the land based options to play OLG are located in Sault St Marie. The prize center is located in Toronto. As part of its promotional side, the OLG online and land based casinos and games offer different promotions to their players from time to time that encourage the players to enjoy the casino games while also offering them additional bonus money to use at the casino.

There is little negative press about the OLG Regulated Casino because of all of the good things that it offers to its players, support security and Canadian regulated casinos where the minimum age of players is 18 and the casinos undergo regular audits to check that the standards promised are maintained. There are only good things said about the Canadian regulated casinos.