Halloween Sweepstakes - $100K at All Slots

This year you can do your trick-or-treating at the Canadian online casino. The Halloween Sweepstakes - $100K at All Slots ensures that you'll be heading home with special treats from your share of the $100,000 October prizes. So grab your costume and settle down at your laptop or desktop PC for Download Casino games, or on your smartphone or tablet device for mobile games. Now you can start to collect tickets for the four exciting October draws.

Monthly Contests where Everyone Wins

The Halloween Sweepstakes - $100K at All Slots is the latest and most exciting in the itinerary of the monthly promotions which are offered at the Canadian online casino. Canada mobile gambling and desktop gaming patrons find that the excitement keeps moving with engaging online casino contests that enhance any gaming event. You can join the Halloween sweepstakes at any time, regardless of your preferred games, on any gaming platform. Go ahead and play your favourite table games which may involve roulette, blackjack craps or baccarat, or join an online or live dealer poker game. The Sweepstakes promotion is also applicable to all of the casino's variety games and lotteries such as sic bo, keno, bingo and scratch card.

You can apply the Sweepstakes promo to any of your preferred three-reel classic slot machines or five-reel video slots. Just play as you normally would and your ticket count will grow as you prepare your entries to the weekly Sweepstakes draws.


Thousands of years ago, ancient Celts believed that they could ward off ghosts and evil spirits by dressing in costume and lighting bonfires on the holiday of Samhain. When the Christian Church became the dominant religion in the area, they incorporated Samhain into their celebration of All Saints and All Souls Day. The night before these two feasts was designated as All Hallows Night when a bit of levity was allowed as the faithful used humor to confront the power of death.

All Hallows never caught on in most regions of Europe but it remained popular among adherents throughout the British Isles. When Irish immigrants started to settle in the United States, they brought the celebration with them and by the 1900s Halloween was an entrenched part of American life.

Halloween evolved into a secular celebration which included elements of trick-or-treating, costuming, good-natured pranking and saying good-bye to the last vestiges of summer weather. Now, the All Slots Casino has taken the fun-filled day a step further by allowing revelers to combine their Halloween celebrations with the chance to earn more cash when they play at the Canadian online casino.

Playing For Bonus Cash

The Halloween promotion at All Slots is simple. You simply go ahead and play all of your preferred games, as you would normally, and continue to earn your regular game payouts and your bonus round wins. As you play, however, you also receive tickets to the sweepstakes draws, with the number of tickets that you receive towards each draw based on the amount of time that you've been playing during the week prior to the draw.

If you play for 3 days during the week prior to a draw, you'll receive 1 ticket to the draw scheduled for the following week. If you play for 5 days during the week prior to a draw, you receive 2 tickets to the next week's draw. And, if you play for all 7 days during a week prior to a draw, you receive 3 tickets to the following week's draw.

The four draw periods are:

October 6 – October 10 – Round 1 (maximum of 2 tickets can be earned for this draw, due to the short week prior to the draw)

October 11 – October 17 – Round 2

October 18 – October 24 – Round 3

October 25 – November 1 – Round 4

You can also earn tickets through Loyalty Points – for every 50 Loyalty Points that you earn during a promotion week, you'll receive one ticket. This provides more ticket options for players who gamble more frequently on one day of the week, or players who want to earn even more than the 7-day 3-ticket option. Earning tickets through Loyalty Points also allows players to collect their Loyalty Points, as usual, which they can later redeem for valuable casino prizes.    

Prepare to Play

The casino automatically credits your account with the tickets earned, but you can always go to the "check tickets" button on the promotion page to check the number of tickets that you've earned. . The more that you play, the more tickets you will have to enter into the following week's draw, so obviously, your chances of earning the most and the best prizes increase. Find everything that you need to keep up with the sweepstakes info at the http://go.jackpotfactory.com/hlpromo/Halloween2015.html promotion page.


Every week throughout October All Slots Casino will be giving away $25,000 in casino credits every week -- $100,000 total throughout the month.  

  • Five players will receive 1,000 credits every week
  • Ten players will receive 500 credits every week
  • Twenty five players will receive 100 credits every week
  • Fifty players will receive 50 credits every week
  • One hundred players will receive 25 credits every week
  • Two hundred players will receive 10 credits every week
  • One thousand players will receive 5 credits every week

Notification of wins are sent through your casino profile to your casino inbox, via SMS message and by email to your regular email. You can also check your ticket tally on the Sweepstakes Leaderboard at http://go.jackpotfactory.com/hlpromo/Halloween2015.html.

Join the Halloween Sweepstakes - $100K at All Slots and add to your Halloween fun with base game wins, regular casino promotions AND Halloween real money treats!