Christmas Market chest of prizes at All Slots

With Christmas fast approaching, there is a great way for everyone to have a blast at All Slots. You can add some holiday cheer to your life during the entire month leading up to the holidays by learning about this promotion and getting ready to have a blast. There is something for everyone here and a great way to play and enjoy. Learn about your chances to enhance your experiences this holiday and to have a blast.

Where Can You Enjoy?

First of all, while the Christmas Market chest of prizes at All Slots is awesome, you can also enjoy this promotion at other places. These places include First Web Casino, the Wild Jack Casino, the VIP Lounge Casino and the All Jackpots Casino. The promotion is taking place at all of these locations and players can have a blast at this Canada Mobile Gambling site in any of these locations. The promotion is taking place from November 29th until December 25th. And, as an additional piece of fun, there will be a drawing on December 26th that will top off all of the fun that players will have during the month leading up to it.

How It Works

How does the Christmas Market chest of prizes at All Slots work? You’ll get one Christmas coin for each loyalty point that you have. You can get the loyalty points during the promotion and you can also get them from other games that you play. All of these loyalty points combine to offer you a Christmas coin for each loyalty point that you have. That’s a lot of ways to have fun and to win. Now, there are three types of bonuses that you can buy along the way. You can buy a free bonus, a free spins bonus or a cashback bonus.

When you get a bonus, let the system work for a minute before you try to purchase another one. You can then buy another one when the first one is processed. If you pick the free spins, you need to know that these spins are for specific games. The games include Avalon, Bridesmaids, Immortal Romance, Secret Santa and Santa’s Wild ride. Each of these bonuses will give you an awesome way to play and to enjoy with the promotion.

Bonus Fun

In addition to the chance to enjoy all of these promotional opportunities during the month, you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy as well on December 26th. That’s because on that date, you’ll be into the drawing to see if you win something. If you happen to win more than one prize, you’ll get the one that is worth more. Now, when the prizes are drawn on the 26th, you’ll see that five lucky people will walk away with a $1000 bonus. Ten people will get a $500 bonus. 25 people will get a $100 bonus, while 50 people will get a $50 bonus. Next, 100 people will get a $25 bonus and 250 people will get a $10 bonus. There will then be a whopping 1000 people who will all get a $5 bonus. If you’re one of the lucky winners, you’ll hear within 48 hours that you won and can then start to enjoy your prize.

It’s always fun to bring some  holiday cheer into your life, and the Canada mobile gambling site want to provide you with this fun. With the Christmas Market chest of prizes at All Slots you’ll know that you’re in for a blast and that there is something fun to be had for every player who is part of the promotion. Have a blast today!