Bonus Showdown - $125K to win at All Slots

September’s All Slots Bonus is a fun-filled Bonus Showdown that pits multiple All Slots bonuses against each other so that you have the chance to earn as many big Bonus Showdown prizes as possible. The Western-themed September bonus ushers you into autumn with a fabulous Bonus Showdown - 125K to win at All Slots casino.  Pick cards and check to see where the cards take you. Will you win free spins? Bonus points? Loyalty Rewards? Or some of everything?

The Bonus Showdown - $125K to win at All Slots is available to all gamers on all casino platforms. Regardless of whether you play at the Download Casino on your desktop or laptop PC, play at the Flash Casino on a public Internet browser or engage in mobile gambling on your smartphone or tablet mobile, you’ll add plenty of bonus points, credits, spins and other casino give-aways when you add the Bonus Showdown gifts to your regular casino gambling activities.

How to Play

The Bonus Showdown is applicable to all gamers including high-stakes and low-stakes players, and to both beginning and advanced players. All of the Bonus Showdown prizes are added on to the player’s base game payouts, bonus wins and other casino bonuses. So, in effect, the Showdown Bonus gives you the chance to collect bonus on top of bonus on top of…… get the idea!

Enter the Showdown Corral and apply the bonus showdown challenge to any of your preferred casino games. Regardless of whether you prefer to play table games such as roulette, baccarat or craps, card games of blackjack and roueltte, lottteries such as scratch card, keno, bingo or sic bo or any of the hundreds of casino slot machines, you’ll be invited to pick your Bonus Showdown cards and add the Bonus Showdown give-aways to your existing casino earnings.

Start by opening your casino account. The casino will bring you to the Bonus Showdown promotion page where you’ll be invited to draw your cards and win your share of the $125,000 that the caisno is giving out over the course of September. You’ll be invited to draw a cards based on the number of days that you play, with the more days that you play, the more cards you’ll be eligible to draw.

As soon as you click the “Draw My Prize” button the casino will notify you of the number of cards that you’ll be eligible to draw. Play for three or four days during one round of the Bonus Showdown and you’ll be eligible to draw one card when the next round comes along. Play for five or six days and you can draw two cards in the next play period. And for the maximum draw, you can choose three cards when you’ve played for 7 days during the previous week’s round.

Promotion period include:

  • Round 1 -- September 6 - September 12 2015

  • Round 2 -- September 13 to September 19 2015

  • Round 3 -- September 20 to September 26 2015

  • Round 4 -- September 27 to October 6 2015

  • Round 5 -- October 4 to October 6 2015

EVERYONE gets a card during the first round so regardless of your previous gaming activities, you’ll earn the chance to win free spins, bonus points and Loyalty Points. Then, during every subsequent promotion period, the number days that you’ve played during the last round will determine the number of cards that you can draw.

You’ll find the Draw Card button at the Promotions page. Navigate to the page and the casino will tell you how many cards you’re eligible to pick. Draw your cards, pardner, and collect your prizes!


So what  prizes are out there in dem der hills? You can win

  1. Free Spins -- you’ll win free spin on teh casino’s most popular slots games which include: the Avalon, Bridesmaids, Sure Win, Hot as Hades, Ariana, and Asian Beauty.slot machines.  You don’t have to play all of your free spins on any one slots -- you can mix and match your games and spread your free spins around to different games and the various gaming platforms of  the Download, Instant-Play or Mobile casino. (on mobile, free spins are available on Avalon and Bridesmaids slots only).

  2. Bonus Credits -- The Bonus Showdown presents bonus credits worth anywhere from two to one hundred credits. These credits allow you to play free games for real money prizes. The casino willl automatically credit your bonus credits to any of your preferred casino games including to table games, blackjack and poker variations, lotteries or slots.

  3. Loyalty Points -- You can win anywhere from one hundred to five THOUSAND Loyalty Points which you then add to your existing Loyalty Points total. Loyalty Points are points that you accrue, based on your gambling activity. You can then redeem your points for lucrative casino prizes which range from simple prizes of cashback deals and higher deposit and withdrawal limits to luxury gifts of vacation packages, cruises and and other exclusive gifts. You’ll also receive double Loyalty Points on featured games for the 24 hours that the game is featured.

Everyone Plays, Everyone Wins

Everyone plays in the Bonus Showdown promotion but you may be required to make a deposit to collect your prize.You’ll see the amount that’s required to claim your prize listed on the confirmation that you receive after you draw your cards. If you play the featured game for 24 hours you’ll automatically receive your double Loyalty Points bonus. If you win payouts on your free spins, the payouts will be credited to your existing game balance.

Don’t forget! You must claim your prizes during the promotional period in which they are awarded. If you don’t claim your prize during the bonus round in which you’ve won the prize, you will forefit the prize.

The Wild West was never as exciting and entertaining as it is today with the Bonus Showdown - $125K to win at All Slots.